Wicca & Witchcraft : An Introduction

taught by Sue Edwards and Alan Jones
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Sue Edwards and  Alan Jones
Sue Edwards and Alan Jones
Co-Founder Cornwall School Mystery & Magick

About the Instructor

Sue Edwards is a Priestess of Kernow, Member of the Fellowship of Isis and co-fonder of the Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick. Sue has always been connected to the 'magickal'; trained in Complementary Therapies and is a member of Duchy Healers. Sue is a 'natural medium' and eclectic Wiccan - embracing her own path.

Dr Alan Jones is a self-confessed Rational Mystic, a phrase which gives equal importance to the role of science and mysticism in attempting to understand our relationship with the Cosmos and each other. His interest in the mystery traditions can be traced back to his pre-teens, He is a third degree Wiccan (Alexandrian tradition); a member of the British Order of Druids, B.O.T.A., and a Knight within the Ancient and Noble Order of Knights Templar.

The Craft is a non-dogmatic, non-denominational path which borrows from a range of Witchcraft and Wiccan traditions to create a contemporary Path for those drawn to the ways of the God and Goddess and Magick.



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Sue and Alan can be contacted via email on


via SKYPE on alanjonesUK or via SMS +447714323934

About this Course

This course aims to serve as not only and introduction to Wicca and Witchcraft, but covers the material which would be considered as that leading to 1st Degree Initiation into a Wiccan group and much of the material that would be covered in the 2nd Degree training

Based on the Thirteen Moon (Thirteen Month) course offered by the Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick, it will develop some core concepts and ideas so allowing you to consider if this is a path you would like to dedicate yourself too.

This is a MENTORED course with tutor support via a Closed Facebook Group and, if required through SKYPE.

As with all such courses, you can simply read the texts and attempt the 'quiz style' questions  in which case you will cover the material very quickly - BUT NOT IN the manner it is intended.

To complete this course, with the required additional reading, exercises and reflections should take a minimum of four months, but in all likelihood closer to nine.

We hope you will share your reflections and discoveries in the Facebook group, or if not through direct contact with your instructors.

We believe that this is course is ahead of others in the quality and degree of tutor support you can access.

You will need to obtain a journal in which you can record your insights and reflections. A personal magickal journal is an essential tool for your growth in The Craft.

This short YouTube video may raise questions which we will explore or ideas we will challenge.

Course Contents

57 Texts